Levian in the world

Levian: a reliable technical partner in the international marketplace

Levian was founded in 2009 as a result of Bridgeport’s experience in valves (both for automotive and industrial application). In addition to valves for CO2 and permanent pressure fire extinguishers, Levian designs and manufactures devices that meet the quality and safety requirements of the customer. To meet the growth targets demanded by the global market, Levian has completed the construction of a new 3,000 sqm production site to increase production capacity through automation and dedicated facilities.

Every customer is unique and our team will pay special attention to meet your specific needs.

Our other group companies

Brimind is an innovative start-up company that focuses mainly on the research and development of new solutions and technologies for electronic sensors. It operates in sensor technology with various applications and in different sectors: air conditioning systems for the automotive and industrial sectors. It holds patents for technologies in pressure and temperature sensors for fluids and refrigerant gases.

Bridgeport has been operating internationally for more than 70 years and its gas and air valves are synonymous with quality and reliability. It has successfully evolved to meet the demands of the market: from tyre valves to air conditioning systems for automotive, industrial, domestic and commercial applications to valves for gas and industrial applications.

Trading and distribution company

Producer, trading and distribution company


Ambrosio is a leading company in the production of rims and wheels for every cycling discipline, from the traditional to the most extreme and trendy. The company produces in a wide range of high quality materials such as aluminium and carbon. The very high technology, combined with attractive design, makes Ambrosio an excellent Made in Italy brand.